A photography exhibition of archive material that has water as a major element in Advertising and personal photographs

  • AQUA


    Tuscan coast - during photography commission for Boat makers -Azimut .The advertising campaign was shot in Italy & models were photographed in London .The image was also the cover of 'Photography' a standard intro text book for design students. I also updated the second edition.

  • Porthleven


    A cold stormy evening in December . Photographer was soon in that pub you see across the harbour.

  • New Zealand

    New Zealand

    Karekare Beach :The Piano was shot on this beach, volcanic black sand provides a mysterious quality to pristine location.

  • St Michael's Mount

    St Michael's Mount

    This iconic location is usually photographed from other locations that I have myself used, but sometimes less is more and in late December the mount has a desolate quality that I wanted to record.

  • Norfolk


    Photographer just dry before another storm was approaching just after one had passed a chink of light lasted for seconds then the heavens opened. I love the English Weather.

  • Elan Valley

    Elan Valley

    This was photographed in the dark . Using LED lights the rock and stream was lit and the sky just caught a little hidden moon to illuminate this landscape in central Wales.

  • Logan Rock and Cliffs

    Logan Rock and Cliffs

    I love Cornwall ,I understand why so many artists have based themselves in this part of England. The light is exceptional and this warm glow is how it was - no photoshop - pure beautiful light and location, what makes me so happy as a Landscape photographer.

  • Cape Town

    Cape Town

    As an Advertising photographer I have photographed many times in South Africa and especially Cape Town . Fond memories of a product photography shoot of Garden Furniture. On my day off I took myself over the bay to get this seascape .

  • Maldives -Korean Air

    Maldives -Korean Air

    Advertising photography can sometimes be as enjoyable as this, one of my all time favourite commissions.Photographer did get sunburned !

  • San Francisco  Bay

    San Francisco Bay

    Advertising photographer gets to produce a restaurant front where one does not exist. Smoke & Mirrors literary made this image work - a set constructed on the Bay with Bay bridge and a background dropped into this foreground.The cityscape was taken on a Bridge base seen in this image courtesy of the US coastguard. Saddington Baynes produced this multi part image -possibly the best retouchers in the world?

  • Tunisian Pool

    Tunisian Pool

    I think this was in Tunisia when I worked on the Tunisian Tourism account - a great place with great people. I look forward to it becoming a destination enjoyed by many.

  • Maldives


    I have shot two advertising commissions in this wonderful location -this was a stock image on 5x4 for a subsequent background for a bath manufacturer.

  • Venice Lagoon

    Venice Lagoon

    back to the airport the change of weather increased the sadness of leaving my beloved -Venice .

  • New Years Day 2008

    New Years Day 2008

    Elan Valley where I have photographed many times, this for a project that is ongoing.

  • Elan Valley setting sun

    Elan Valley setting sun

    A cold and beautiful Elan Valley - providing water to Birmingham and beyond.

  • Elan Valley

    Elan Valley

    The run off from a dam , this long exposure is a clique that is employed by many. Still it works and in this context about water - it should.

  • Teme Valley

    Teme Valley

    From the 'A year in Teme Valley' this foggy day was typical for many mornings in the Teme valley in Worcestershire, a beautiful landscape that I enjoyed for a short period.

  • New Zealand

    New Zealand

    Bethells Beach -North Island - only a few miles from Auckland - location searching for possible backdrop - it was too remote looking and the chosen one had a few buildings to provide the right ingredients for the Ad.

  • Brighton Pier

    Brighton Pier

    taken on my iPhone during a visit to Brighton's Photo Festival -sadly I did not have more kit to this justice but it still works and feeds into my instagram account.

  • St Michael's Mount

    St Michael's Mount

    Cornwall, this was the money shot after two days waiting for the weather to clear. However I prefer the more moody image and it illustrates that a landscape photographer above all else requires patience .Final ad did not appear as the research came back poor. I still love advertising photography .

  • Giudecca Canal

    Giudecca Canal

    From Giudecca early morning sunrise looking over to Venice and the silhouettes of the Basilicas my hero Turner would approve .

  • Pylon in Giudecca Canal

    Pylon in Giudecca Canal

    Seagulls are a great connection to the sea , which seems somewhere else form Venice .however it is on the sea in a lagoon .

  • Flood 2015

    Flood 2015

    The River Avon in Stratford upon Avon does flood, sometimes it reaches the town. However flood defences and better management has reduced this. I try to photograph the river every season and not just on sunny days . The ever changing landscape is more pronounced when there is water. This was one of the photographs that helped define the AQUA project. Seeing and capturing the exceptional is what I try to do.

  • A ghost Band play Swan Lake .

    A ghost Band play Swan Lake .

    In the flood of 2015 the Avon burst its banks and flooded across the Recreation grounds opposite the RSC. Swans take advantage of the slow water and enjoy the new waterscape.

  • Early Mist

    Early Mist

    The River Avon photographed in the early morning before the tourists and even the dog walkers are out. Peace.

  • Swan on Avon

    Swan on Avon

    I produce stock images for many international libraries and also just take photographs for myself . I love the mist in the early autumn morning as it produces images that are mystical.

  • Trafalgar Spain

    Trafalgar Spain

    I have been lucky to have worked and lived in Andalusia, I love the wild Atlantic coast and the Cities although summer in Sevilla is often challenging . This image was taken when exploring to coast seeking locations for car photography. It proved unsuiable for the advertising brief, but provided an image that has mystery and magic. Aqua from fog to the rocks .

  • Winter Mist on the Avon

    Winter Mist on the Avon

    As a location photographer I am up early most mornings, its not a hardship its a joy. An early start finds the Avon without visitors and with a quality of light that Turner would have appreciated.

  • Morning Mist

    Morning Mist

    River Avon from RSC gardens. A duck takes of and disturbs the early misty morning.

  • Upper River Avon

    Upper River Avon

    The still of the River is a great place to reflect and see the reflections. The Bard would possibly seen this and reflected on his present,future and past.

  • Norfolk Broads

    Norfolk Broads

    location search in Norfolk I came across this bank that was not suitable for the advertising project .

  • Ice in a puddle

    Ice in a puddle

    There is beauty everywhere, when compling the AQUA exhibition I remembers a series I shot that had never been shown, this is one from that frosty day in the Teme Valley.

  • Silver surf

    Silver surf

    On a black volcanic sand beach in Cape Verde - the water shines like silver.

  • Perfect Wave

    Perfect Wave

    Not quite perfect as I didnt have my board.


photography on location for advertising and personal projects with Water as a major element. An exhibition at the ArtsHouse in Stratford upon Avon 8th Sept - extended to December 2017.