Portrait Photography of Authors, actors, interviewers & celebrities in Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire.

  • Jon Sopel

    Jon Sopel

    The BBC's North American Editor - at the ArtsHouse - a great insight into the USA and so much more. A great sense of humour - he needs it IMHO.

  • Festival Faces -Stratford Literary Festival

    Festival Faces -Stratford Literary Festival

    Sir Roy Strong at the Stratford Literary Festival .Writer,Historian & Gardener .From Director of the V&A and the National Portrait gallery the are just some of his huge contributions to the cultural life of the UK . A hero that I was not disappointed to meet .



    Andrew Marr - As a photographer,I am privileged to meet some truly great people. I personally admire Andrew Marr who is among those who I believe makes a great contribution to our lives, by holding politicians to account. This man does it supremely well & as if that weren't enough, he is also an author and artist .

  • Yotam Ottolenghi

    Yotam Ottolenghi

    One of my favorite chefs and writer- use more of his inventive recipes than any other.

  • Mary Berry

    Mary Berry

  • Lord  Paddy Ashdown

    Lord Paddy Ashdown

  • Nicola Solomon

    Nicola Solomon

  • David Crystal

    David Crystal

  • Lord  Richard Dannatt

    Lord Richard Dannatt

  • Simon Armitage

    Simon Armitage

  • Lucy Parham

    Lucy Parham

  • William Sitwell

    William Sitwell

  • Gary Younge

    Gary Younge

  • Anthony & Ben  Holden

    Anthony & Ben Holden

  • Henry Goodman

    Henry Goodman

  • Gilles  Milton

    Gilles Milton

  • Sabine Durrant

    Sabine Durrant

  • Terry Waite

    Terry Waite

    25 years since his release from captivity in Beirut .the envoy gave a personal account of his harrowing experiences . A photographer has a hard job to show that in a portrait .

  • Amy Durant

    Amy Durant

  • Hollie Newton

    Hollie Newton

  • Alys Fowler

    Alys Fowler

  • David Mark

    David Mark

  • Harriet Cummings

    Harriet Cummings

  • Susan Fletcher

    Susan Fletcher

  • Emma Slade

    Emma Slade

  • Allan Jenkins

    Allan Jenkins

  • Robin Tassin-Kassab

    Robin Tassin-Kassab

  • Ruth Hogan

    Ruth Hogan

  • Ken Livingstone

    Ken Livingstone

  • Bee Wilson

    Bee Wilson

  • Bill Emmott

    Bill Emmott

  • Dave Randall

    Dave Randall

  • Hollie Newton

    Hollie Newton

  • Jon Bew

    Jon Bew

  • Rev Richard Coles at the Stratford Literary Festival

    Rev Richard Coles at the Stratford Literary Festival

    The wonderful Rev Richard Coles ,one of the top 'desirable dinner guests' of the nation ? A most eradite ,entertaining and engaging gentleman that it was pleasure to photograph at my PopUp studio at the Artshouse in Stratford upon Avon .November 2016 . The background is one of my collection of Victorian photographic backdrops, hand painted probably by scenic artists around 1895 ? I have the original mahogany and iron stand ,just a little too heavy to take on location ,but the smaller backdrops are fine,although looking a little tired .

  • Tom Kerridge

    Tom Kerridge

    Celebrity Chef - with 2 Mitchelin Stars and a string of books - a portrait that is not his usual smiling face -Mr Kerridge has steel in those eyes ,he believes in bloody hard work and I think he also has great talent and a drive that makes things happen ,

  • Hannah Young

    Hannah Young

  • Bridget Shine

    Bridget Shine

  • Tim Davies

    Tim Davies

  • David Mark

    David Mark

  • Vaseem Khan

    Vaseem Khan

  • Robert Tombs

    Robert Tombs

  • John Jefferies

    John Jefferies

  • Nicholas Crane

    Nicholas Crane

  • Gabriella Swallow

    Gabriella Swallow

  • Tim  Hubbard

    Tim Hubbard

  • John Hammond-Davies

    John Hammond-Davies

  • Alex Bellos

    Alex Bellos

  • Simon Ings

    Simon Ings

  • Tracy Borman

    Tracy Borman

  • Stephen Moss

    Stephen Moss

  • Laura Dalgleish

    Laura Dalgleish

    Birmingham Stage Company - Barmy Britain - Horrible Histories

  • Jonny Duddle

    Jonny Duddle

  • Jane Churchill

    Jane Churchill

  • Elmer Cast - Riverside Performing Arts

    Elmer Cast - Riverside Performing Arts

    Matthew Oliver ,Caroline Webb & Nikki Feris

  • Phillip Reeve

    Phillip Reeve

  • Sarah McIntyre

    Sarah McIntyre

  • Rob Biddulph

    Rob Biddulph

  • Martin Brown

    Martin Brown

  • Meg Sanders

    Meg Sanders

  • Neal Foster

    Neal Foster

    Barmy Britain - Horrible Histories Birmingham Stage Company

  • Shami Chakrabarti

    Shami Chakrabarti

    At the Artshouse in Stratford upon Avon . Baroness Chakrabarti, is a British Labour member of the House of Lords. A very warm ,funny and wonderful lady, IMHO.

  • Rick Stein

    Rick Stein

    Mr Stein was all that I expected, a charming gentlemen that works very hard - just like all the subjects at the Literary Festival -success does not just happen.

Festival Faces 2017

portraits take at the Stratford Literary Festival of authors & presenters.